About Gourmet Magic

Gourmet Magic was founded by David Feuerman, a Cornell educated food scientist who was intrigued by one of nature's most mystifying flavor creating, natural chemical reactions which happens during cooking: the “Maillard Reaction.” This natural caramelization (not to be confused with the other food browning caramelization: sugar caramelization occurs between sucrose molecules, such as found in hard glazes like the torched surface of a creme brulee).

The reaction of sugars with proteins in the maillard reaction is responsible for a massive component of flavor in our food. When David discovered black garlic, which surprisingly becomes sweet, he began to make his own black garlic, which takes over 30 days to achieve results! The aroma in my test kitchen was overpowering, but soon I... (whoops, I was speaking in the third person :) I was unable to eat steak without black garlic. After some tinkering, I found more vegetables that caramelized well. Combining my passion for making machines, I’ve scaled up and constructed large warming apparatuses, including the largest self-made/DIY food dehydrator in the NYC-tri-state area. I make wondrous batches of black garlic, caramelized vegetables, as well as dried apples and pears, at my food facility in Paterson, New Jersey. I continue to develop new and exciting products that I hope more chefs and healthy food experimenters will try in their dishes, enjoy as a healthy snack, and share in my passion for nature’s complex and magical flavor-making reactions.

On this website you can also find products from my sister company (or brother company) K9 Bros, all natural treats for doggies without fillers nor artificial additives. You can also pick up a clever and fun toy I invented for kids while I've been selling my black garlic and doggie treats at farmers markets. I discovered children needed something fun! What's more fun than bubbles? Take a look!